Turning Point

This quest made me understand that I should not give up so easily. It took a very long time to build/create this project which in many ways was frustrating. In the end, I was able to complete the project and I am happy with the outcome. In terms of the program Scratch, I learned how to make the sprites look less awkward when turning so it fits my mini story (provided in the Notes part on the link).

Link of the project:https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/172393591/ 

Moving Around

During this quest, I learned more about movement, the different kind of motions you can play around with (move [x] steps, gliding, go to), and the different ways to move in a straight line. In the future, In the future, I hope that quests become more challenging so I can increase my knowledge on Scratch.

Here is a screenshot to my program: 

The snowman is gliding from one side to the other. After taking this screenshot, I added a dragon that takes 300 steps in order to get to the other side.

Here is a link to my program (press space to see the animation): https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/172041077/

Digging Deeper

After finishing the “Digging deeper” quest, I have learned the basics of Scratch. The “building blocks” were tricky at first, but eventually I managed to understand how to use them more effectively. However, at the start I did not know how to start the game/program so I kept clicking on the green flag until I became aware of the “Events” tab (after multiple google searches). Overall, this quest has given me the general knowledge that I need in order to do the more challenging quests in Scratch. 

Website: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/172039641/ 


I decided to play around with Gnimmargorp and see all the different things I could do. I am very interested by the Scratch program/website, since it has so many different functions that makes it very unique. I look forward to doing quests that involve Scratch, so I can further my knowledge about making a program and seeing the end result.

About Me

My name is Haris Farooqi and I am a junior attending CAC. I like to travel, eat, and sleep. I decided to join this class because I thought learning something new would be fun, and I am interested in computers in general, so it would be nice to learn the basics of programming.