Rainbow of Options

How much change can you create with just one block?

You can create a lot of change with just one block. When I changed the color of my sprite, it looked completely different.

Can you reset the sprite back to it’s original color?

Yes, you have to use the “change color effect” block and make it around 180 to 200. Each sprite will have a different number.

Are there multiple ways to change a sprite’s color?

Yes, there are. You could choose any color you want by clicking on “costumes”, and add it to your game by using the “change costume” block at a specific time.


Moving Past Amazing

I found this quest quite challenging since I was unable to find the blocks to change the backdrop once my sprite had reached a certain point. Another tricky thing was drawing my own maze, I kept messing up the lines by making them crooked, which was frustrating at first, but I eventually made a maze.

I switched mazes with Kyu Min and it was very interesting to see how creative his maze was compared to mine. He used the shortest amount of blocks, but mine took the least amount of time to solve. His maze is better than mine since it is more challenging.

Link to my maze (have to complete the amazing movement maze first): https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/173898395/

Turning Point

This quest made me understand that I should not give up so easily. It took a very long time to build/create this project which in many ways was frustrating. In the end, I was able to complete the project and I am happy with the outcome. In terms of the program Scratch, I learned how to make the sprites look less awkward when turning so it fits my mini story (provided in the Notes part on the link).

Link of the project:https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/172393591/ 

Moving Around

During this quest, I learned more about movement, the different kind of motions you can play around with (move [x] steps, gliding, go to), and the different ways to move in a straight line. In the future, In the future, I hope that quests become more challenging so I can increase my knowledge on Scratch.

Here is a screenshot to my program: 

The snowman is gliding from one side to the other. After taking this screenshot, I added a dragon that takes 300 steps in order to get to the other side.

Here is a link to my program (press space to see the animation): https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/172041077/

Digging Deeper

After finishing the “Digging deeper” quest, I have learned the basics of Scratch. The “building blocks” were tricky at first, but eventually I managed to understand how to use them more effectively. However, at the start I did not know how to start the game/program so I kept clicking on the green flag until I became aware of the “Events” tab (after multiple google searches). Overall, this quest has given me the general knowledge that I need in order to do the more challenging quests in Scratch. 

Website: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/172039641/ 


I decided to play around with Gnimmargorp and see all the different things I could do. I am very interested by the Scratch program/website, since it has so many different functions that makes it very unique. I look forward to doing quests that involve Scratch, so I can further my knowledge about making a program and seeing the end result.

About Me

My name is Haris Farooqi and I am a junior attending CAC. I like to travel, eat, and sleep. I decided to join this class because I thought learning something new would be fun, and I am interested in computers in general, so it would be nice to learn the basics of programming.