Playing Games Mastery

It turns out that when making the game, I inadvertently completed the mastery when trying to complete the normal mission. In fact, I also inadvertently created the game that is the example for the mastery. But I can still infer why adding more complexity to a simple game could be useful.  If you make a simple game fist there is less of a chance of there being bugs in the final game. When I made my game, I made all of the levels and then found out that it didn’t work, so I had to change everything. This would not have happened if I tried the first level before making all of the other ones.

Playing games

Storytelling 2

When I need to create a story, I never really know what it is going to be until I finish. I start by choosing a backdrop to start with and then I add some sprites and think about what they could be doing there. Once I have a solid idea of what to do at the start everything just falls in line from there. I feel like I could improve my storytelling by adding audio and maybe making the story more clear to a viewer. I think that I could make it better by giving the viewer to have a chance to interact, give them choices to determine what happens in the story.

Storyteller (tier 2)