Playing Games Mastery

It turns out that when making the game, I inadvertently completed the mastery when trying to complete the normal mission. In fact, I also inadvertently created the game that is the example for the mastery. But I can still infer why adding more complexity to a simple game could be useful.¬† If you make a simple game fist there is less of a chance of there being bugs in the final game. When I made my game, I made all of the levels and then found out that it didn’t work, so I had to change everything. This would not have happened if I tried the first level before making all of the other ones.

Playing games

Storytelling 2

When I need to create a story, I never really know what it is going to be until I finish. I start by choosing a backdrop to start with and then I add some sprites and think about what they could be doing there. Once I have a solid idea of what to do at the start everything just falls in line from there. I feel like I could improve my storytelling by adding audio and maybe making the story more clear to a viewer. I think that I could make it better by giving the viewer to have a chance to interact, give them choices to determine what happens in the story.

Storyteller (tier 2)


Catching Fire Mastery

One way to use the change backdrop, show and hide blocks in conjunction to make a cool effect is to have a backdrop and a sprite on screen. Then, after a certain event, the sprite hides and the backdrop changes at the same time. This allows for a more realistic scene change. If you want to go back to the original scene, you can have an event that shows and changes the backdrop at the same time. Or while the sprite is hidden and you have the second backdrop, you can move the sprite off screen, show, and then step or glide on screen to make it seem like the sprite is moving from one backdrop to another.

Catching fire

Mastering Stretching C

I have completed the quest Stretching C, option 1 (Tour of your space). I did this by choosing a background on scratch that showed a bedroom and using it, I then took a screenshot of the background and uploaded the screenshot to the sprites section. After, I edited it by erasing everything but the bed, and moved that to fit directly over the bed on the background, I programmed the sprite so that when clicked it would display a somewhat depressing message. I did this with three more objects in the background, the boom-box, the mirror and the floor. The whole room is a reference to the game Undertale which becomes clear when you click the floor. You must have played the game to understand though.

Stretching C (tier 2)

Moving Past Amazing

In order to master the quest ‘Moving past amazing’, I had to get a partner to design a script for my maze. But because both of our mazes were more like games, able to be controlled by buttons; we just played each others games and counted the moves. My game took more moves to complete because my second backdrop was another level, while his had a victory screen. But for the first level (we both had the same first level), his took more moves while mine took less. This is because he used x velocity instead of steps, so for mine the movement is more predictable, while with his you couldn’t as easily hold the button and get the result you wanted. A benefit of using x velocity is that the movement is more smooth and you can press two buttons at once to move diagonally. I opted for steps because it would make the second level harder as you couldn’t move diagonally even though there were diagonal pathways.

Moving past amazing

Digging Deeper Post

Completing the digging deeper quest has helped me make a simpler project for the viewer. On my first one, you would have to press three buttons in a certain order for the project to make sense. On this one, just by getting the timing correct, you only have to press one button. I’ve also made sure so that at the end the sprites and the background are returned to their original states so that if you want to watch it again, it will all be in place. I also used blocks that I hadn’t used before, so figuring out how they worked was part of the challenge.

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I am a human being (believe it or not) who hates sarcasm (obviously) and is taking a computer science class. I like to play sports and video games and computers are cool so that’s why I’m taking this class. I am super dooper easy going and I like to joke around but I still know when to be serious. If I want to complete a goal I will make sure it gets done.