I traded mazes with mo and he managed to shorten mine by creating a secret path to the end (Added start sprite and [if touching then] and made it jump to just before the finish line

Storyteller (tier 2

In storytelling tier 2, the student had to create an interactive story for the player. I did this by using an answer= or does not = system, meaning if a certain response was given the story would progress, if not, the student would be asked if they would like to retry. I think I can improve my storytelling by using other systems differing from asnwer / response.

Catching Fire

In the quest catching fire, most of the blocks they asked you to use (all of the looks blocks) had already been used by me. The change colour blocks were used in a previous quest as well as the backdrop and costume changes, most of these blocks and been used. The blocks are incredibly useful however lose their charm after using them once

Color Cycling

This was by far the easiest I’ve done recently, all you had to do was make an if block, a looks block and repeat forever more-a-less. I learned this could actually be used pretty creativley, for example say I was making a scene where a character transforms, I could use this for aesthetic purposes. Basically, I didn’t learn much but I did get some ideas for future projects, where instead of making a new sprite just to change colours or looks I can just do this or something similar


I generally didn’t learn much as to make the Running Sideways platformer game I already had to use movement keys. I’ve learned I’m a reward learner, meaning that if I do something that takes a lot of time and work, I expect to be repaid. I learned this as since my running sideways game was completed and I clicked Finish on the quest, I was rewarded very little. Not happy

What I learned

I learned what kind of blocks you can use to change backgrounds, character motions, and looks. I also learned that it’s best to add a “Wait __ seconds” before each major action because it makes you notice them more and that actions will advance quickly making the wait blocks more essential to help you notice things