Chatting (Mastery)

From Left to right

Red Riding Hood (RRH): Hello! Can you help me?

Wolf (W) (Wait 27 seconds)

RRH: Thanks! RRH: I need to get food to my grandmother… RRH: Let’s get Ready to leave! (Glide RRH for 1 second twice) RRH: Woah that’s a big castle! RRH: I should get out of here fast! (Glide RRH for 1 second) (Scream; Female) (Wait 4 seconds)

W (Appear): Greetings

RRH: Please don’t hurt me!

(Wait W 4 seconds)

(Wait RHH 4 seconds)

W: I will not but why do you trespass on my territory?

RRH: I have to get to my sick grandmother and this is the only way!

(Wait W 4 seconds)

(Wait RHH 4 seconds)

W: I believe it is not.

RRH: Yes it is! I have been to her through here many times!

(Wait W 4 seconds)

(wait RHH 4 seconds)

W: Very well, if you do not, believe me, I shall prove myself in a race.

RRH: Ok if I win you have to leave this path alone!

(Wait W 4 seconds)

(Wait RHH 5 for 5 seconds)

W (Glide for 1 second): And if I win then I get to eat.

RRH: That wolf does not look safe, better stay away from him!

(Hide W 22 seconds)

(Glide RRH for 1 second)
RHH: Wow this place is beautiful, but I have to go fast to beat the wolf! (Glide RHH for 4 seconds) RHH: Grandma? Where are you? (Glide RHH for 1 second) RHH: Grandma? (Wait RHH for 4 secs)

(Appear W)


(Hide all sprites)

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