Moving Past Amazing

I shared my maze with my buddy Mo. We both used our own sprites and scripts and we found out something interesting. I used a simpler shorter version while Mo used a longer more complex version that moves more smoothly. Mo’s sprite will be faster and I feel like it is better because it uses a variable to make the sprite move more smoothly instead of teleporting around like mine.

Link to quest:

Mastery- Running Sideways

I learned a lot of new things in scratch. I learned that I can create variables to make effects like gravity, friction, and speed. Gravity can help add effects like jumping and moving from sides. I learned a lot of new blocks and how I could use them. I did have to use help from the forums and youtube but most of the programming was mine. I designed a parkour map and you are a ball trying to finish the game.

Digging Deeper

Considering our previous assignment I do not think I have learned anything new as I learned and used my skills much more last class. I learned something new about the game, however. I think the corruption they talk about our the more mistakes we are making and the more complex the tasks become the more we make or sometimes the codes just start glitching. I am not so sure about programming but I am hoping to do something along the lines of Python, the programming software.

Mastery- Digging Deeper

I know that while using Scratch the basics of making an animation or game are control, events, and motion. Without these key blocks, an animation or game will not be possible. I know also that timing is key in making dialogue work with movements. I am excited about making simple but good games and animations. I am also looking forward to working on more programming software.

About Me

My name is Harshith Lanka and I am new to computer science. I have little background in coding but I can learn things pretty fast. Computers interest me a lot and my hobby is building my own computers. I built 2 computers over the summer. I play tennis and I like to play video games. I like basketball but I am not the best at it. I am looking forward to playing this game. I am passionate about computers and how all parts work, how fast I can make things go. I know hardware and now I want to know everything about software and try to make those two things work together.