Turtling in circle mastery

I am learning by using youtube and other resources provided by the quests and gnimmargorp itself. I self-study basically because not all of my friends are on the quests I am on and I try not to take help from our teacher. I already am using these techniques for some of my classes as my parents do not know much about the topics we are learning. So I use the resources given to us and I also take help from peers and teachers once in a while. Using youtube might not work as sometimes it is close to impossible to find something related to your topic and it answers the questions you are thinking. For coding, people have done this before so it is easier to find help on youtube.

Chatting (Mastery)

From Left to right

Red Riding Hood (RRH): Hello! Can you help me?

Wolf (W) (Wait 27 seconds)

RRH: Thanks! RRH: I need to get food to my grandmother… RRH: Let’s get Ready to leave! (Glide RRH for 1 second twice) RRH: Woah that’s a big castle! RRH: I should get out of here fast! (Glide RRH for 1 second) (Scream; Female) (Wait 4 seconds)

W (Appear): Greetings

RRH: Please don’t hurt me!

(Wait W 4 seconds)

(Wait RHH 4 seconds)

W: I will not but why do you trespass on my territory?

RRH: I have to get to my sick grandmother and this is the only way!

(Wait W 4 seconds)

(Wait RHH 4 seconds)

W: I believe it is not.

RRH: Yes it is! I have been to her through here many times!

(Wait W 4 seconds)

(wait RHH 4 seconds)

W: Very well, if you do not, believe me, I shall prove myself in a race.

RRH: Ok if I win you have to leave this path alone!

(Wait W 4 seconds)

(Wait RHH 5 for 5 seconds)

W (Glide for 1 second): And if I win then I get to eat.

RRH: That wolf does not look safe, better stay away from him!

(Hide W 22 seconds)

(Glide RRH for 1 second)
RHH: Wow this place is beautiful, but I have to go fast to beat the wolf! (Glide RHH for 4 seconds) RHH: Grandma? Where are you? (Glide RHH for 1 second) RHH: Grandma? (Wait RHH for 4 secs)

(Appear W)


(Hide all sprites)

Story Teller (Tier 2)

My story making skills are not the best. My storytelling skills are ok but I can definitely improve. I can always get the timing for the chat and background and costume change but I just find it irritating and boring to make a very long and tedious story. I think working on short stories will help me get better at this.

Take a Walk Mastery

I learned a lot of things about costumes today. I can use costumes to make a sprite look like it is actually walking. If you try to do this without a wait time block then you cannot make it look like running/walking. I also learned that I can use this in stories and other scripted scratch programs.

Color Effect

So you can change the color of light a sprite is giving out by changing color effect. You can change the color back to normal by just setting it back to 0. There are multiple ways you can change a color not only by scripts but through the edit sprite tab as well.

Mastering Stretching C (Tier 2)

I showed the space of CAC campus. I explained everything the player hovered over. I used a picture of a mouse cursor and it follows the player’s cursor so they can’t see it. I made a sprite for every part of the campus I was about to explain. Every time the cursor touches a part of the campus it explains what it is. This quest really did stretch my creative muscles.


Stretching C (Tier 2)

Moving Past Amazing

I shared my maze with my buddy Mo. We both used our own sprites and scripts and we found out something interesting. I used a simpler shorter version while Mo used a longer more complex version that moves more smoothly. Mo’s sprite will be faster and I feel like it is better because it uses a variable to make the sprite move more smoothly instead of teleporting around like mine.

Link to quest: http://gnimmargorp.com/tasks/moving-past-amazing/