Showing mastery for everything-Husayn

  1. Playing games: Over in The Machine, build a game in which you show an example of the shape/animal/whatever that the player has to click in order to proceed (Hint).  Then show various kids of shapes/animals/whatevers until the player clicks on one (you might want to prompt the player to click at the beginning, so they know what to do).  Keep the game running until the player chooses to quit (you can come up with your own way to signal that).

Mastery for it: I made a short game in which a sprite appears and confronts the player telling to click on any animal in order for a game to begin, clicking on the polar bear for example will cause the background to change a game in which you collect apples for the bear as the apples get progressively smaller each time you collect them until they are ten percent of their original size.

A plays the thing mastery: My “play” was basically a find the murderer game and you had to find out which person of three is the suspect and each witness you pick negates points from you. Flow chart


Sprite 1: click on the witnesses the find out who is murderer
(click on each one and lose 2 points and get hints)
Click on accusation button
3 new sprites appear and you are prompted to click on which one you think is the murderer
Click on the the very left one: You fail
Middle one: also fail
the right one on the right: you win.
Intro dat boi talks to gangsters plays music is let through
cue desert scene dat boi messed up and now is dead story ends


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