Catching Fire.

I actually used ‘show/hide’ block a lot to make games, and stories. It’s because for the stories, the character did not always appear at the story, and for the games, if we kill something or someone, we need to make them disappear. However, I have not used ‘go-to-front/go-back-x-layers pairs’ block. For my perspective, this block could be used for car passing through road. This is because there would be some of the people in front of the car and beside the car.

Playing Games

I made a game for childhood. The five animals will be chosen for random and there will be the sentence about the animal that the player should choose. This sequence is also random. This game will be continued until the player press the ‘EXIT’ button. I made more difficult by making more animals than before.


I learned that go 1 step means to move 1(239->240) and I learned the difference between ‘Go’ and ‘Glide’. Go means to go in specific place with showing no process and Glide means to go in specific place for several seconds with showing process.