Storyteller tier 2

I think my storytelling skills are average, with most of my stories being focused on being energetic, and try to be more entertaining than anything. Activities focusing on specific characters or plot would help to develop stories and change up the animation or coding, or art style of the stories.

Catching Fire

Projects for using sprites going back and forth in the background, would be useful in a hide & seek game like I did a basic version with my script. You could also use it to illustrate things better having things disappear and a range of motions such as entering a door. These are the only applications I can think of currently, but I’m sure there are an infinite amount of ideas.

Take a walk

During this lab, I took it much further than needed, by adding music and an ending. Although a bit over the top and looked simple, it actually took my time and persistence to get it to a point I thought acceptable. The reason for this is that I had to experiment with using variables and using them as switches to tell when certain things should occur. I enjoyed the work although it was more than needed and learned it’s fun to make relaxed games in Scratch.

My Learning in my Simple Video Game

In making this simple game, I learned about how to move utilizing variables along with how to change the background and scenes. I also learned how to make enemies and a scoreboard with a variable, and if then statements. It was actually more difficult than I  thought it would be since I have used it before. But really enjoyed learning the new things about how to manipulate characters. Game is

About Myself

I’m 14 and this is my first year at CAC, and I’m from California. I care about my family and really believe in anyone. I’m not passionate, but I enjoy learning to code when I finally get around to doing it, along with playing piano and clarinet. I also like to read whether it’s fiction, nonfiction or Manga I enjoy pretty much everything.