Semi-weekly reflection, 2nd March

I think that I gave it my all these past two weeks, mostly because I reached 19% percent on Codecademy, surpassing my goal of 15% that I set for myself in the previous reflection. Since the last reflection I finished the courses on python syntax, and strings and consul output. I have now begun the course on conditionals and control flow. My goal for the next two weeks is to keep focussing on my work in class and reach a 30% on Codecademy.

2 thoughts on “Semi-weekly reflection, 2nd March”

  1. Sounds like a good goal, Nicole. I’d like to hear more about what is going on for you in class, though. What is working about the course and codecademy? What doesn’t work as well? What have you noticed about yourself as a learning in this class so far? What can you do to help yourself succeed faster?

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