Semi-Weekly Reflection May 11

During the first week since my last semi-weekly reflection, I did not do much work and instead got distracted talking to my classmates. But during the second week a put in much more effort into finishing my work and still managed to accomplish my previously set goal of 65% and reached a 66%. My goal for the next reflection is to give it my all during both weeks and reach an 80%.

Semi-weekly reflection, 2nd March

I think that I gave it my all these past two weeks, mostly because I reached 19% percent on Codecademy, surpassing my goal of 15% that I set for myself in the previous reflection. Since the last reflection I finished the courses on python syntax, and strings and consul output. I have now begun the course on conditionals and control flow. My goal for the next two weeks is to keep focussing on my work in class and reach a 30% on Codecademy.

Semi-weekly reflection February 16th

Since the last semi-weekly reflection I feel like I have been working more efficiently in class and focusing more on my work rather than talking with my classmates. These past two weeks I feel like I have developed a much better understanding on how to use Codecademy. I think I worked well this week and reached a 9% on Codecademy. My goal for the next two weeks is to reach a 15% on Codecademy and continue to focus in class.

January 26 Semi-Weekly Reflection

These past three weeks I have started working on Codecademy. Although I found it difficult at the start, I think that I am beginning to improve my coding ability. Although I’ve only just begun working with Codecademy, I feel like I am not working to my full potential and getting distracted from my work to often, I hope to change this in the coming weeks.


Hunters and Healers

I hunted bat man for not having enough on his semi-weekly reflection of sept.25. He fixed it by reflection more on his week and adding more information to his post.

here is a link to his fixed post:…-week-of-sept-25/