Self-Reflection 4/6 – Mahmoud Omar

For the past 2 weeks, I would give myself I gave it my all, in the past two weeks I have been able to not only finish off python but also finish off Java as well and now I am onto JavaScript.  I had a bit of trouble in the last bit of python and the last part of java but other than that it wasn’t too difficult

I have definitely accomplished my goal of finishing off python and working on a new language as I have also managed to finish Java as well, and not only that but I have started work on JavaScript and hope to be advancing in it as the time passes

My goal for the next two school weeks is to work on JavaScript, if it is as short as Java I hope to complete it but if not I hope to make good progress and finish a quarter to a third of the content available as well as further my understanding in programming and programming languages

I think something I can do to improve how I spend my time on gnimmargorp and in class is to maybe sit away from my friends or close facebook and other tabs that aren’t related to gnimmargorp to stop me from occasionally tabbing out of programming to do other things

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