GOYO LARGE – Mahmoud Omar


For my GOYO large I would like to work on the Java section of CodeCademy, I recently finished the python section. My goal is to finish the Java section on CodeCademy, it is surprisingly shorter than Python. In terms of practicing and learning python, I think CodeCademy is good enough to learn Java and to practice it.

Final review

After I have completed the java section on codecademy I think my feelings have changed a lot since the beginning, at first I was nervous about starting a new coding language as I had never really used a language other than python but as I progressed through the course my view on java and programming changed completely as I learned this new language.

Planning for this project was very minimal due to CodeCademys interface and how they deal with their projects, CodeCademy deals with all of the things that you need to do because it teaches you and helps you out throughout the entire process

I really liked learning java and I think I have learned a lot about java, I have also learned of the many differences between java and python but also the many similarities, despite them being different languages there is still a lot that is similar between them I think this ties down to the base of coding


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