Semi Weekly Reflection – March 2

For my grade these last 2 weeks I would give my self I gave it my all. I would give myself I gave it my all because I did a lot of work these last few weeks especially on CodeCademy. I managed to finish a GOYO over these last few classes working very hard on CodeCademy to finish the GOYO, I am now up to 80% on the Python section of CodeCademy and I am still working hard to try and finish CodeCademy’s python section.

I have learnt a lot from CodeCademys python section and it has taught me a lot about the subject, I hope to continue learning about Python in my journey to finish CodeCademy’s python section.

I have accomplished my previous goal of getting up to 70% on CodeCademy because I worked very hard on CodeCademy to ensure I get up to this goal.

My next goal is to get to 95% on CodeCademy maybe even 100% if I work hard enough

This is the link to CodeCademy which is where I spent most of my time in this class.


One thought on “Semi Weekly Reflection – March 2”

  1. Nice, Mahmoud. Sounds like you are (rightfully) proud of this progress. You’ve already exceeded what any of my previous students accomplished in a school year. Keep moving forward!

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