GOYO Large #2 – Mahmoud Omar

For my second GOYO Large I would again like to work on CodeCademy, this time I would like to double my goal from last time and get to 70% from my previous 30%.

For my research on python I will stick to the instructions and guidance given from CodeCademy, For practice again I will stick to CodeCademy as I believe it is a very good way to learn python

In the last 5 classes I have been working very hard on CodeCademy in an attempt to reach 70% on their Python course. My feelings towards this project are good as I like CodeCademy and I enjoyed working on it to increase my knowledge of Python and I definitely think that working on CodeCademy has increased my knowledge of Python and my skills in the language, I learned a lot of things from finishing more than 2 thirds of the course that is offered on CodeCademy and I hope to learn even more in the last stretch to complete this course. Similar to my previous GOYO I did not have much of a plan as CodeCademy is all that I really needed for this project as it teaches you python as well as it guides you.

I learned quite a lot about python from loops to creating a battleship simulator on the CodeCademy website to emulate the popular game and I enjoyed the process of learning the Python work.

I think that this project wont impact my life in a major way only by helping me learn other computing languages and increasing my skills in Python, but if I decide to learn more computer science this will definitely help me out a lot.

Here is the link to CodeCademy : https://www.codecademy.com/learn

This is my proof of completing the project

One thought on “GOYO Large #2 – Mahmoud Omar”

  1. I’m confused. You say you want to reach 70% next, but your image shows you’re already at 76%.

    Maybe it’s just a language issue. I normally expect that you’ll post at the beginning of a GOYO, about what you _plan_ to do (future tense), and then after you’ve completed it, about what you _did_ (past tense). This post includes both tenses, so I’ve ended up confused about which type of post it is.

    Either way, gratz! This is solid work. Keep moving forward.

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