Feb 16 – Semi Weekly Reflection

For my grade I would give my self I gave it my all, for many classes since the beginning of the semester I have been working very hard on CodeCademy.Com, I have finished many different topics on CodeCademy and I have increased my understanding of Python a lot. I think I deserve I gave it my all for the reasons I have stated and because during class I stay focused and I worked hard to complete the things.

I learned quite a lot about python in the past few weeks CodeCademy has been a very useful website for me to learn about Python and it taught me to a lot about python and what to do in Python

This is what I have accomplished in python on CodeCademy



My previous goal was to work on the GOYO quests and work on CodeCademy, I believe that I accomplished my goal as I have completed one GOYO and I finished a lot on CodeCademy, I have also started working on another GOYO quest.

My next goal is to finish my current GOYO quest and to get up to 70% on CodeCademy.

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