GOYO Large Completion – Mahmoud Omar

During the last 5 classes I have done lots of work on CodeCademy, My feelings for this project that I did togetting up to 30% on python in CodeCademy are good because I enjoyed working on CodeCademy because it was very fun and I enjoyed it a lot, I learned a lot about python from only completing one third of the of the lessons available on CodeCademy. I didn’t really have a plan for this project other than just working on CodeCademy and trying to finish as much code as I could, I learned a bit about planning in this in that I will try to manage my time better.

I learned a lot about python from working on CodeCademy, especially about functions, and I really liked all of the work on Python because it was very fun and all of the learning.

I dont think this project will change my life in any way other than me just learning more about python which will help me if I decide to delve deeper into the realm of Computer Science.

here is the link to CodeCademy : https://www.codecademy.com/learn

This is the proof of my Completion of the project

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