Semi Weekly reflection, November 10

For the past few weeks the grade i would give myself is a I gave it my all . I give my self this because i have managed to complete a lot of quests as well as i have managed to find out a lot more about the quests. For example i have found out how to use the key from a basket and i found a lot of old quests that i have been able to do.

Im currently working on a multitude of quests and i’m trying to get a lot of quests done so i can progress and do more work. i have revisited some old quests in scratch that i haven’t  completed and i completed them as well as i have been working a lot on other quests and quest chains. Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 3.07.10 PM

This is just a bit of what i have been working on.

I accomplished my goal of finding out what the key opens but i am still working on uncovering the secrets of the quest secrets

My new goal is to finish alot more quests and to start teaching my self things about programming