Semi-Weekly reflection 5/26

Many times throughout this school year I have claimed that I have given it my all, or put in all of my effort these past two weeks. Other times, I¬†said that I had in fact not been working through the week. I am happy that i can finally say that in these past two weeks, I truly gave it my all. I was working hard to learn how to code anything more complex than an tuple from the beginning of the period. The night before the exam, I was trying to figure out how recursions were, and to be honest, I still wasn’t too sure what the difference between a list and an array was. However, now I know. I can prove this through my exam score. I got an A+ on my final ladder climb, which is evidence enough in my opinion to prove that I have learnt how to code in most cases. I think that this year, I should have spent my time more efficiently, in order to have learnt more throughout the year. I am pleased with my performance this week, and I wish that I would have had this same level of work throughout the school year.

Semi-weekly reflection 5/11

In these past two weeks, I have decided to abandon my previous goal as it was quite unrealistic. Instead, I have moved to coding-bat in order to learn what recursions are and how to complete them for the exam. I am likely going to be doing the ladder steps exam and I think that I need to start practicing some of the types of questions that will be on the test. I am a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to finish my goal this week, as I am when I don’t make a deadline. However, the fault is mine, as I was trying to finish around fifty percent of the course in two weeks. My goal for this next week is to move along at a normal pace in codecademy and at the same time learn how to do the questions in coding-bat. Currently I am not doing so well on recursions.

Self Reflection 30/4

For this self reflection I do not have much to mention, however, I did get a great deal done in these two days of work. I got from 33% to a 52% in two days showing how hard I worked. I think that it will only be a matter of time, hopefully by the next reflection where I finish python.

Self Reflection 4/6

These past two weeks have been perhaps the two most productive that I have had in computer science. In my last self reflection, I had set and begun to go on a new goal of understanding all of the concepts that I covered. And this, has led me to complete my goal two self reflections ago. The previous goal I had was to get to at least 29%, which I have overpassed. Currently, I am at 33%. I am working on functions and how to use parentheses to take no other answers than the one provided. I believe that I am going on the right track, as I said last time. This way, I will actually be learning something as I have previously.

Self reflection 23/3

I believe that in these two weeks I have been going on the right track. This means that I have changed my direction entirely from the last time. Last time I had written on my progress, I was saying that I kept trying to get further.However, I have decided that I will now be going on a different path. Instead of speeding through the exercises, I will be taking my time to move through them and understand all of the concepts. This way will likely be able to move faster in the later Codeacademy sections.  Currently, I am ok with where I am, but as I learn I will be able to move through the activites much faster.

Self-Reflection 3/2

Since last week, I have made significant lee-way on my Codecademy “journey” to 100%. although I have not managed to get to my self made goal, I was able to go to a more than double percentage. These two weeks, have been perhaps two of the most productive I have had, and although the people who sit with me and I did stop working for a few days in between to play a game, we caught back up. Most of my work had been done in this past week, and although it was completed, I don’t feel too much satisfaction. I believe this is because I had done all of the things that I had done, just so that I had something to write in this reflection. My goal for next week is to have done at least 30% spread through out the week, and not just in order to have it done.

Self Reflection, Feb 16th- Ismail

This week I believe that I have made a significant improvement. I have been working harder in that I have made progress on several different units in the “Codecademy” python section. I have also gone back and worked on a few of the challenges from the main Gnimmargorp website. Having started actually working on the program, I have gotten 9% into it. Here is an image proving my progress. I believe that if I keep working like I have been for this week, I will be able to get further. Ultimately, I would like to learn how to do complex code equations. Right now my short time goal is to reach 27% by the next reflection.

Semi-Weekly Reflection Jan. 24

Since Winter break has ended, I believe that I have not been working up to my full potential. However, I think that I am definitely getting better on python codes. At the moment I am working on Codecademy and, although I have not gotten very far, I have in fact been able to complete a few scripts in Codecademy. The program is quite interesting as it lets you see your code play out, yet it doesn’t tell you what you have wrong, if you do.

Semi-Weekly reflection Dec. 1

These past weeks, I have gotten a great deal done. I have learnt how to create string and loops. This was mainly due to the concern of having a boss battle. I learnt how to use [:len- to my advantage. This meant I could determine the length of strings and am now able to create loops. However, I would like to learn how to use actual advanced terminology, instead of the “if” and “else” commands that I usually use. If I can achieve this by the start of next year, I will be able to continue at a faster rate than I have this year. I believe that this “boss battle” has made me learn more than I would have. As before I didn’t know much about Python, and as of now, I know how to complete strings, logics, and if command codes. I look forward to seeing what we will be starting next year.Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 8.31.23 PM

Semi-weekly reflection Nov. 10

This past week, I have done a great deal. Since we all had to move onto Python, I have picked up my speed at what I could finish. For example, I finished several quests, and at the moment I am on the “loopy turtles” quest. I have learnt how to navigate through my computers file by going through the directory. I used codes like the one below. Codes like this helped me draw squares with the turtle.Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 12.06.28 PM