Semi-Weekly reflection 5/26

Many times throughout this school year I have claimed that I have given it my all, or put in all of my effort these past two weeks. Other times, I┬ásaid that I had in fact not been working through the week. I am happy that i can finally say that in these past two weeks, I truly gave it my all. I was working hard to learn how to code anything more complex than an tuple from the beginning of the period. The night before the exam, I was trying to figure out how recursions were, and to be honest, I still wasn’t too sure what the difference between a list and an array was. However, now I know. I can prove this through my exam score. I got an A+ on my final ladder climb, which is evidence enough in my opinion to prove that I have learnt how to code in most cases. I think that this year, I should have spent my time more efficiently, in order to have learnt more throughout the year. I am pleased with my performance this week, and I wish that I would have had this same level of work throughout the school year.

Semi-weekly reflection 5/11

In these past two weeks, I have decided to abandon my previous goal as it was quite unrealistic. Instead, I have moved to coding-bat in order to learn what recursions are and how to complete them for the exam. I am likely going to be doing the ladder steps exam and I think that I need to start practicing some of the types of questions that will be on the test. I am a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to finish my goal this week, as I am when I don’t make a deadline. However, the fault is mine, as I was trying to finish around fifty percent of the course in two weeks. My goal for this next week is to move along at a normal pace in codecademy and at the same time learn how to do the questions in coding-bat. Currently I am not doing so well on recursions.