Self Reflection 4/6

These past two weeks have been perhaps the two most productive that I have had in computer science. In my last self reflection, I had set and begun to go on a new goal of understanding all of the concepts that I covered. And this, has led me to complete my goal two self reflections ago. The previous goal I had was to get to at least 29%, which I have overpassed. Currently, I am at 33%. I am working on functions and how to use parentheses to take no other answers than the one provided. I believe that I am going on the right track, as I said last time. This way, I will actually be learning something as I have previously.

One thought on “Self Reflection 4/6”

  1. Although I’ve definitely seen you working…I’ve also come by more than a few times when your group has been chatting & definitely focused elsewhere. That’s _not_ a “gave it my all” level of effort. Having fun while you work is one thing. Working in between having fun doing other stuff is something else. (Also, if you buy a “get out of class early” that’s no longer a “gave it my all” week.)

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