Self-Reflection 3/2

Since last week, I have made significant lee-way on my Codecademy “journey” to 100%. although I have not managed to get to my self made goal, I was able to go to a more than double percentage. These two weeks, have been perhaps two of the most productive I have had, and although the people who sit with me and I did stop working for a few days in between to play a game, we caught back up. Most of my work had been done in this past week, and although it was completed, I don’t feel too much satisfaction. I believe this is because I had done all of the things that I had done, just so that I had something to write in this reflection. My goal for next week is to have done at least 30% spread through out the week, and not just in order to have it done.

One thought on “Self-Reflection 3/2”

  1. Brutally honest to self. That’s admirable, Ismail.

    If you’re finding it’s more of a chore to do the Codecademy lessons, maybe something different would pique your interest more? How about working on a python game, like a clone of tetris?

    If that’s appealing, you might look at this online book that has lessons to walk you through the process. It’s less hand-holding than codecademy, but perhaps more fun, and thus, easier to stay engaged with:

    Or if that’s not your bag either, let me know what you think might be interesting, or we can chat during next class and come up with something that will work better for you.

    If you want. Or you can keep at codecademy. But please don’t feel you have to keep working on that just because the others around you are doing it. If it doesn’t inspire you, it would be better to find something that does, so you have fun AND learn more coding in the class.

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