Self reflection 23/3

I believe that in these two weeks I have been going on the right track. This means that I have changed my direction entirely from the last time. Last time I had written on my progress, I was saying that I kept trying to get further.However, I have decided that I will now be going on a different path. Instead of speeding through the exercises, I will be taking my time to move through them and understand all of the concepts. This way will likely be able to move faster in the later Codeacademy sections.  Currently, I am ok with where I am, but as I learn I will be able to move through the activites much faster.

Self-Reflection 3/2

Since last week, I have made significant lee-way on my Codecademy “journey” to 100%. although I have not managed to get to my self made goal, I was able to go to a more than double percentage. These two weeks, have been perhaps two of the most productive I have had, and although the people who sit with me and I did stop working for a few days in between to play a game, we caught back up. Most of my work had been done in this past week, and although it was completed, I don’t feel too much satisfaction. I believe this is because I had done all of the things that I had done, just so that I had something to write in this reflection. My goal for next week is to have done at least 30% spread through out the week, and not just in order to have it done.