Semi-Weekly reflection- 25 August

Although this is a late reflection, during the week of the 25th of August, I had been working hard, although I had not managed to get one of my games to work. This was because I did not know how to get sprites to work. However, after researching, the following week, I managed to find a way to get the sprite ” Batman” to jump. As of now I am still working on this project “running sideways”. Aside from this project I had completed several others in the last week of August. Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 11.45.41 AM


Semi-Weekly Self-reflection Sept. 8

Over the past three weeks I have worked well with scratch, but I do believe I could have done more, as I am nearly done with creating a full functioning platformer game. At the moment I am working on two games, one being a simple maze one for the purposes of the quest in Gnimmargorp, and the other which is seen below as a project I wish to complete this term. In my opinion, Scratch is a Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 9.50.37 AM

very good tool to help us learn how to code, but I do hope that we will be able to progress into more complex versions of the website.