Who Am I?

I am Bat Man. I was born on September 6 2001, in Egypt. I am from Pakistan and I have four siblings. I have lived in five countries including, Oman, England and Egypt. I enjoy Math, Science and sometimes English. I like building stuff out of random things in my house.

Moving Around

One step in the Scratch program is about a millimeter and you have to move around 200 steps before you can get from the side to the middle. There are many ways to move in Scratch, but two of the first ways you can learn to go around are gliding and stepping. Stepping, instantly moves you however many step forward, backwards, up or down. Gliding can move you exactly to any movement in a seemingly smooth manner. Ten steps is about a centimeter, and you have to have the flag event to make anything work. I think I learned by experimenting different combinations. Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 11.27.26 AM

Quest Link: http://gnimmargorp.com/tasks/moving-around/