Final Self-Reflection

Throughout this year I believe I gave it my all most of the time because of my effort into completing most of the tasks at hand.

In the beginning of the year we learned about Scratch and although I knew most of the basics that we were learning, I still managed to get a chance to work on some more advanced topics like making a platformer where the character is not allowed to go below blocks and making the character shoot, jump etc. This was the tasks that I enjoyed throughout the year because it was one of the things that I as allowed to work more advanced on because I knew quite a bit about Scratch.

After Scratch, we went into working in Python and there I learned a lot because I didn’t know at all about Python other than ‘print “Hello” ‘. After working through the first few tasks on I understood most of the basics and when it came to the quizzes I understood most of the questions and only had to search them up every so often. So after learning the basics of Python, I went more into the slightly advanced tasks which were confusing for me, but if it got too confusing I’d ask Mr. Miller for help on what I did wrong/didn’t do.

After I finished Python lesson I went into Ruby and learned the similarities and differences it has to Python and how most other languages aren’t at all like I learned about Python, but Python alone is still really helpful.

Now to what I learned about myself. I found out that if I put my mind to working on something I could easily achieve it, and if I need help I could always help. I managed to become more of an independent person as I started doing the tasks and questions given on my own. One more thing I learned about myself is that even if I don’t understand something I can easily understand it by either reading up on it to help me or by simply asking help and patiently listening and asking if I was confused to what I heard and that I should always clarify what I was told.

Overall I was thankful I chose this class that it helped me learn computer languages which could eventually be helpful in my later years in life. Thanks for the great class and I was happy I came in every day.

Self Reflection May 11th

Throughout these past few weeks, I believe I did great, but I was talking some of the time with my friends, and although I was talking, I still managed to bypass my goal of 65% and actually got 68% which is good because my previous goal was a bit low expected, so I raised it to this new goal which seems to be a good choice:

One lesson we learned was how to do dictionaries in Ruby, which is also called Hashes in Ruby.

In Ruby to cycle through hashes and to print the values it’s this:

matz = { "key 1" => "value 1",
    "key 2" => value 2",
matz.each do |key, value|
      puts matz[key]

whichs turns into:

value 1
value 2

{"key 1 "=> "value 1", "key 2" => "value 2"

In Python, though, it’s different. To do it in Python it’s like this:

dic = {"key 1":"value 1","key 1":"value 2"}
for value in dic.itervalues():
    print value

which would print as:

value 1
value 2

This is one way in how Ruby is different to Python, and another way is instead of doing “key 1”: “value 1”, and in Ruby, it’s “key 1” => “value 1”.

This is slightly different to Python but it’s not too different.

My old goal was a good amount to achieve, so my next goal is to get from 68% to 85%, which should be a good goal to get.