Self-Reflection April 6

Throughout these past few weeks, I believe I gave it my all as not only have I completed my goal but exceeded and did more than my goal requested me to do. My old goal was to finish the python code (which I did) and start thinking about what program I would like to learn next. I’ve decided to work on Ruby as the program is relatively similar to Python and I also worked a bit on Ruby itself and got to 26% already:

Similar to Python, we learned the basics of “And”, “Or” and “Not” but one difference from Python is how it is formatted.

Below is how Ruby formats And:

Below is how Ruby formats Or:

Below is how Ruby formats Not, which is similar to Python:

Since my last goal seemed a bit too easy and I easily got up to 26%, my next goal for the next two weeks is to get up to 35% and next week I’ll see whether ≈10% is a good goal or not.

2 thoughts on “Self-Reflection April 6”

  1. Although I’ve definitely seen you working…I’ve also come by more than a few times when your group has been chatting & definitely focused elsewhere. That’s _not_ a “gave it my all” level of effort. Having fun while you work is one thing. Working in between having fun doing other stuff is something else.

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