Self-reflection, January 24th

Throughout these few weeks, I believe I gave it my all as I managed to get through more of codecademy.

As I continued working through codecademy I chose the sections I wanted to work on. The sections I chose to work on are the loops (as we’ll have an exam on that). Here is a code for one of the loops

Another section I learned about is Dictionaries. Here is an image of one of the work I had to do:

My next goal is to continue working on codecademy and to get through more of it. 🙂

One thought on “Self-reflection, January 24th”

  1. Ian, sounds like you’re definitely making progress (and who says you’re not creative?! They’re lying to you. )

    One thing I’d like to see in your codex entries this semester is more concrete and measurable goals. Instead of “get through more of it” I’d like you to set a specific lesson you’d like to reach, or a specific percentage you’d like to complete, for example.

    There are a couple reasons for this. Less important, it makes writing your next Codex entry a bit easier, because you can easily discuss whether you reached your goal or not and why. More interestingly, it gives you practice in estimating your own progress, which will be a really useful skill as you enter college and work.

    Keep moving forward!

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