Self-reflection, January 24th

Throughout these few weeks, I believe I gave it my all as I managed to get through more of codecademy.

As I continued working through codecademy I chose the sections I wanted to work on. The sections I chose to work on are the loops (as we’ll have an exam on that). Here is a code for one of the loops

Another section I learned about is Dictionaries. Here is an image of one of the work I had to do:

My next goal is to continue working on codecademy and to get through more of it. 🙂

GOYO Large Quest Start (but I already finished)

Throughout the past week, I’m going to work on Codeacademy (I already did it, I’m just doing the GOYO Large quest now). Expect 3 more of these posts copied and pasted since I’ve done 3 weeks of Codeacademy already.

Instead of making 2 more posts I’m just going to say here that I’ve already done 3 weeks of this so I’m just going to say that THIS POST IS FOR ALL 3 OF THE WEEK I’VE DONE THIS… SO I’M ACCEPTING THE QUEST 3 TIMES SINCE I DIDN’T DO THEM AS I WAS DOING IT

I’m doing this to just learn more about python and practice since in gnimmargorP (Programming backward) it’s getting a bit too hard.


Throughout the three weeks I’ve been working on Codeacademy I learned a lot more. The questions together are at the same difficulty as Gnimmargorp but for the questions, I don’t understand I’m understanding through the explanations on the side that tell me an example and how they did the problem that was given.

I felt very accomplished as through the three weeks I’ve learned a lot about Python. And for the questions I didn’t understand through Codeacademy I learned and tried to understand through the examples they gave. This project will change the work I did because it will give me more information on things to code and new ideas on the quests in Gnimmargorp.

The link of the ‘quest’ that I got up to in Codeacademy is the one that follows:

The end results of my code is a large variety, so it’d be hard to copy and paste it al in.