Self-reflection, November 10th – Ian (Aalart)

Throughout this past week I feel I have been giving it my all, but after I finished what I could in the turtle code I feel like I wasn’t sure what I could do next, so I asked Mr. Mill- Loremaster Relim for python websites and he led me to code academy. I’ve been working my way through the website and so far it hasn’t been that hard, but I’ve definitely learned something. At the moment I just finished working on a tip calculator, and here it is:

In the beginning of the week, we did Hunters and Healers which was a quest which helped us prevent attacks from the reaper which basically gave us gold and experience for helping people, and getting helped ourselves. I managed to help a number of people which I’m proud of


My old goal was the continue working on my “text based game” and although I am still working on that, I still have to do class work, so I’ve been doing a little bit on my own time

My new goal is to continue working on that and to continue working my way through Code Academy (I’m already 19% through)