Hunters &a Healers


Aryan found out that I forgot to send an email to Lordmaster for one of the quest, so he posted me sending the email.

Hesham Mohamed helped me find that I accidently clicked mastery for one of the quest and I just undid the quest. Thanks Hesham 🙂

I hunted Aryan (Aalart 2) and found that he forgot to add an image to his weekly reflection. Here is the proof:


Semi-weekly reflection, Oct 19th

Throughout these past weeks I feel like I’ve been giving it my all since I past the scratch session and went to the Python. Although I’ve been having some struggles with it I always either managed to figure it out, or managed to figure it out with Mr. Miller. Although I talk with friends during class, I still get done with quite a bit of work, helping them if they ask for help and sometimes taking 5-10 minutes off to just relax and practice my work. Throughout this week I started working on Python and am currently working on a “Choose you own adventure” type game which (when complete) will be a huge accomplishment

python practice reflection

This is just the beginning of the game, or the “introduction”.

My old goal was to finish my game in Scratch, but I’m putting that to a halt as I moved to Python now.

My goal is quite simple… Just continue working on the game and continue figuring out how to make the game better and how I can make it work better. As “homework” for me, I may just get some scratch (haha, scratch… see what I did there) paper and just plot down some ideas on how my game will progress.

Python Order of Operations

As I tried to figure out the sequence through python, I got a bit stuck and was unable to find out what came first. So I went online to try to find an explanation

And here it is: So it’s the same as PEMDAS, which is what we learnt in Math

Highest Precedence () Parentheses
** Exponentiation
* Multiplication
/ Division
+ Addition
Lowest Precedence – Subtraction

Here is how he explained the parentheses and how imporant they are to calculate math.