Semi-weekly reflection, Sep 29

Throughout the past two weeks, I have been working on a little game. While working at the beginning of the game I feel like I’ve been “giving it my all”.

I feel I’ve been giving it my all because I managed to understand how to fade in and out of text and images. I’ve also been experimenting with gif’s and it’s working out pretty well. Alongside the gif’s I’ve managed to get a character to walk and have the motion of walking. The image below shows the progress I had with the character and all the collisions with other object and it’s moving script.


My goal for the next two weeks, is to have the basic outline done of the game and to have most backdrops inserted (the backgrounds where they would click to go). Throughout this week I haven’t been needing to watch any youtube videos, and I usually asked Mr. Miller.


Rainbow of Options


How much change can you create with just one block?

You can change the costume, color effect, fisheye effect, whirl effect, pixelate effect, mosaic effect, brightness and ghost effect. You can also change the size.

Can you reset the sprite back to its original color?

Using the ‘clear graphic effects’ under the look bar.

Are there multiple ways to change a sprite’s color?

One way is to ‘change color effect by x‘ and ‘set color effect to x


Semi-Weekly Self Assessment, Sep 8

Throughout the past two weeks since I last did the self assessment I feel I’ve gave it my all, and I managed to learn more than I first knew about Scratch. I honestly managed to learn a little bit more than I originally knew and I felt like I did a but more than I had to do for each quest. In these past weeks I’m been experimenting more with what I already knew, and I was applying it to the quests that was given.

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 9.39.29 AM

^ My most recent work… It’s is a quiz thing where you have to click the correct answer

My prior goal was the get 100 more gold, but I had to buy damage repair so I have 38 gold :(. My new is to not have to buy damage repairs, basically not getting in trouble.

One suggestion for next years class is to have a D&D type style of game where it’s a role playing thing where you accept quests and go to different places throughout the map and if you choose one thing over the other it could have a different end result… Just a suggestion. I’ve always wanted to do a D&D type game, but never got around to doing it.