Reflection for the week of August 21

Reflection of the week of August 21


Throughout this week I didn’t learn much, as most of the quests were review. Throughout the first few days of the week I was getting used to the fact that this class is all a RPG style game and got used to the website. But in the next few days I felt like I was “I gave it my all. I consistently tried to succeed.,” For example during one the the beginning movement projects I felt like I overdid what I had to do.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 1.09.47 PM

At first, before this class I knew a bit about Scratch, but during this first week I learnt more about the other tabs and commands that helped me go a bit further than what was asked for in the quest. My goal, is more related to the game, is to get at least 100 more gold.

Quests on Gnimmargorp

Small Steps – Strait Line Movement

Describe what you learned to use in Scratch:                                                            In this first quest “Small Steps” I’ve learned how to move the character forward a certain amount of steps and how to make him glide to a certain spot of x amount of seconds

Capture a screenshot of your program showing movement:                                  Moving Around: Screemshot

Discuss what you’ve learnt so far in this class:                                                              For this first quest, I’ve learnt how to glide, which takes you to an assigned spot and ‘glides’ you there for x amount of seconds. The other thing we learned is ‘step’ which moves you about 1 mm in a direction that the character is facing.

Include a link back to this quest:                                                                                      Here is the link…                         

Learnt About Scratch: The Spell Machine

During “The Spell Machine” quest we experienced around the “machine” which was Scratch. Through the ‘learning experience’ I’m messed around with the “when x button is clicked, do this” and the “when on a wall, bounce” and I added a car sprite.

One thing I need to learn is how to make it so the car faces the other direction but not completely flip the whole car upside down. Another thing I need to learn is how to insert my own background… Because my first idea was to make a maze game.

Who are you?

I’ve never been great at talking about myself. And I feel a beginning introduction isn’t needed as you already know my name. Where I’m from? Canada. What I like? That’s always been a tough question as I’ve never been able to answer it myself. I guess it may be basketball, baseball, football. I enjoy PE, Math, Science.

I have 2 other brothers, but currently I’m living here with my dad and my eldest brother who is leaving next year for college. My mom and middle brother are back in Canada learning there. I’ve never thought about living alone, with my parents but I feel it will be a different approach to life. I’ve lived in 5 different countries; Canada, India, Qatar, Philippines, Egypt. I’ve lived in each of them at least 2 years.