Self Reflection 5/11

For the past two weeks in class, I have given it my all. I have been really putting in effort into recursionĀ problems and in general problems in Coding Bat, I worked a lot on strings but mostly my effort was put into completing recursion problems. I am really trying to put in a lot of effort into studying all of this so that come to the semester exam, I can do really good and be able to master a lot of things on the exam and hopefully finish with an A+ in both the class and the semester exam.

My goal from last time was to have all of the String-1, String-2, and Logic-1 completed. I have sort of completed that but not exactly. I fully completed string-1 and string-2 but I did not complete logic-1 but that is because I moved on to recursion problems. I finished 4 out of the 9 recursion problems which are a lot since the recursion problems are really challenging.

Looking back at the year, I have really enjoyed computer science, it is definitely a fun class which you also learn in and I would recommend it to anyone. The most surprising thing that I learned about myself was that I am actually a stubborn person. I found out that whenever I would get a problem wrong, I could never just skip it without solving it, I have to solve it. That is the thing that I was surprised to discover about myself.

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