I believe that throughout this year I have truly given it my all. This year I learned a lot about programming, things that I already know for a fact will help me in my life with my journey to becoming a computer programmer. I would not say that I am a master at python but I can figure stuff out. Now for me, looking at the code is not the most confusing thing in the world, I can actually understand what I am looking it. My level of programming has definitely gone up throughout this year.

What did I learn about myself? I learned that I am the type of person who does not give up. I try again and again until I finish the code and the code works. I learned that about myself. I also learned that I have my “days,” sometimes it all just clicks for me, and sometimes it just doesn’t. For example, the exam, the first day of the exam I was able to accomplish nothing, literally nothing, nothing clicked for me, but then while at home and during the final day, it all clicked and I felt like my fingers would just type by themselves, it was amazing. This year in computer science, it really opened my eyes on computer programming and also on myself, I really enjoyed this year, it was great.

Self Reflection 5/11

For the past two weeks in class, I have given it my all. I have been really putting in effort into recursion problems and in general problems in Coding Bat, I worked a lot on strings but mostly my effort was put into completing recursion problems. I am really trying to put in a lot of effort into studying all of this so that come to the semester exam, I can do really good and be able to master a lot of things on the exam and hopefully finish with an A+ in both the class and the semester exam.

My goal from last time was to have all of the String-1, String-2, and Logic-1 completed. I have sort of completed that but not exactly. I fully completed string-1 and string-2 but I did not complete logic-1 but that is because I moved on to recursion problems. I finished 4 out of the 9 recursion problems which are a lot since the recursion problems are really challenging.

Looking back at the year, I have really enjoyed computer science, it is definitely a fun class which you also learn in and I would recommend it to anyone. The most surprising thing that I learned about myself was that I am actually a stubborn person. I found out that whenever I would get a problem wrong, I could never just skip it without solving it, I have to solve it. That is the thing that I was surprised to discover about myself.

GOYO – Large Completion

For the past five classes, I have been working mostly on CodingBat. For the first two classes, I worked on Code Academy on Java and I went from 17% to 25%. For the other three classes, I worked on Coding Bat on Python because I am studying for the exam. I learned about what recursion is and how to do more complicated string problems. This project has helped me because it refreshed my memory of Python and has prepared me for the exams.