Self Reflection for 4/26

For the past two weeks, I believe that I have given it my all. Even though we had fewer classes than normal due to all of the breaks that we have had in April. I have been working hard in Java and again, the seating arrangement change has helped me once again. I have learned a bit of Java but in the middle, I switched to working on Python in CodingBat so that I can relearn python and be ready for the exam.

My goal from last time was to have 7% in Java. I have successfully achieved this and am now 25% in Java!!! I could have been more if it wasn’t for me switching back to python on CodingBat. On CodingBat I have all of warm-up 1 and two stars of string-1 completed. I have 1 level but no stars of string-2 completed. My goal for next time is to have all of string-1 and string-2 fully completed. I also hope to have all of logic-1 completed. Those are my goals for the next self-reflection.

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