Self Reflection for 4/26

For the past two weeks, I believe that I have given it my all. Even though we had fewer classes than normal due to all of the breaks that we have had in April. I have been working hard in Java and again, the seating arrangement change has helped me once again. I have learned a bit of Java but in the middle, I switched to working on Python in CodingBat so that I can relearn python and be ready for the exam.

My goal from last time was to have 7% in Java. I have successfully achieved this and am now 25% in Java!!! I could have been more if it wasn’t for me switching back to python on CodingBat. On CodingBat I have all of warm-up 1 and two stars of string-1 completed. I have 1 level but no stars of string-2 completed. My goal for next time is to have all of string-1 and string-2 fully completed. I also hope to have all of logic-1 completed. Those are my goals for the next self-reflection.

Self Reflection 4/6

I believe that for the past two weeks I have given it my all. I have been working in Code Academy and have been working hard to try and figure out the codes. I have officially finished python in Code Academy and got 100% on it!!!!! This does not mean that I am a python genius but it is a step in the right direction. I now am starting to work on HTML & CSS. It has been a very interesting thing so far because it is teaching me how easy it is to actually write the program for a website which is very fun and interesting.

My goal from last time was to master and get 100% on Python in Code Academy, I have successfully achieved that goal. On top of that, I have 7% in HTML & CSS but I am going to take a step away from that because I need to start working on JAVA for the semester exam as semester exams require a programming language, not a website language. So my goal is to at least have 7% in Java because from what I have heard, Java is a hard programming language.

I think that in class I am able to use my time pretty efficiently but sometimes I get caught in the trap of talking to my friend a lot. A lot of time though when I am talking, I am also working at the same time, but still if I do not talk, I would work more effectively. I believe that maybe at some points I could just tell my friend that sorry, but I need to work right now and he would be fine with that, I could use that technique a lot when I am in class.