GOYO – Large Completion

For the past five classes, I have been working on Code Academy. I wanted to do Code Academy because I have been doing it for the past couple GOYOs. I am going to keep going in Code Academy until I reach 100%. I learned a lot about programming but most of all I learned that coding is not as easy as it was in the beginning and that it is getting harder now. This project is going to affect my life because as I mentioned many times before, I want to become a computer programmer. Last time I did GOYO I was 71% and wanted to become 80%. I am currently 90%.

Self Reflection 3/23

I believe that for the past week I have given it my all. I kept on going in Code Academy and would at points just really concentrate on it and when I would not understand something I would look back at older lessons that I already did so that I could refresh my mind. I succeeded in the areas where we had to create lists because I find creating lists not that difficult but the areas that I had and still have a hard time in is creating classes. I still need to understand classes and master then perfectly before I can move on to other lessons.

My goal from the last reflection was to have 80% done on Code Academy by this lesson. I have succeeded in that goal. I currently have 90%. This might be a long shot, but my goal by next lesson is to have completed python on Code Academy. This then brings me to my next topic, where I want to be by the end of the semester. Since my goal is to finish python by the next self-reflection, I would like to hopefully start another programming language. That language is Java. Ever since I signed up for Introduction to Computer Science, I have wanted to learn Java, and now that I have the opportunity, I will jump right on to it and start Java in Code Academy as soon as I finish the python unit.


Self-Reflection 3/2

I believe that this week I gave it my all. This week I moved away from the people sitting near the door and moved to the couch so that I can focus more. This has worked because I noticed that my percentage in Code Academy has improved a lot. 

My goal from last week was to have 60% in Code Academy. I have achieved this goal and I now have 71%. That is a 24% improvement from last time when I hade 47%. My goal for next time is to have 80%. This will then further improve my ability in coding. Since the beginning of the year I already liked coding but now that the year has progressed, I am starting to like it even more and am starting to enjoy coding even more.