LOYO – Large Completion

In the past two classes, I kept on going in Code Academy and I achieved a lot. I wanted to do this because I have been gaining a lot of knowledge from Code Academy and wanted to keep going so that I can keep learning. I will use this project in Gnimmargorp because since this is python then it will help me with going through Gnimmargorp. It will help me with my life because as mentioned before, I want to become a computer programmer and am going to study computer programming in College. I was 47% when I started and I wanted to be 55% by when I finish. I have succeeded with this and I am now 61%.

One thought on “LOYO – Large Completion”

  1. Christiano, that’s solid progress. Keep moving forward. (Note that you’ll earn more credit & XP for a GOYO quest, which codecademy qualifies for since you’re actively coding while you work on it, not just reading or watching, which are LOYO activities.)

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