Self-reflection for February 16th

I think that for the past two weeks I haveĀ given it my all. I think that I gave it my all because the last reflection I did, I did not get full points. So, these two weeks, I decided to push myself harder. I left the area where I usually sat and came to the couch so that I am not distracted by my friends. I then really concentrated and it has been proven by my achievements.

For the past two weeks, I have been working in CodeAcademy through the python course. I have improved a lot and my ability at python coding has improved a lot. I am starting to understand things easier and to progress a lot through programming.

Last time, my goal was to finish 30% in CodeAcademy. I have SUCCEDED!!! I am now 47% and by next time I hope to have 60%. I have not used any outside source, only CodeAcademy.

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