Since this was the second time, I came into it expecting more and I was pleased. I learned a lot from the GOYO large. I came in without a plan and just kept on going through with the Python which I already had done. I liked that it guided you and neither moved fast or slow, it moved at a perfect pace. This project will change my life because as I mentioned before, I want to be a computer programmer in the future so this is a step in the right direction.

CodeAcademy is a really good programming website and really does help you a lot. If you want to do it, go on codecademy.com, you can then do this. Last time I was at 23%. Ever since then, I have improved a lot. I am currently 47% which is incredible. This shows how hard I worked during the past five classes. 

One thought on “GOYO – LARGE 2ND TIME THROUGH”

  1. Excellent progress, Hesham. If you haven’t yet read Eric Raymond’s essay about learning programming languages, ask me about it next class. It’s really valuable for anyone who is interested in programming as a career. (Also highly recommended: the Open Source book that will be listed in next week’s comments; keep an eye out for it.)

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