GOYO – Large Completion

During the past five classes, I have learned a lot about Code Academy and about python in general. Before starting this project I sort of just wanted a break from Gnimmargorp but then when I actually did Code Academy I really enjoyed it and I am going to keep going in it. I did not enter with a plan I sort of just went into it to enjoy it.

I learned a lot in the processĀ of Code Academy, I specifically went back and learned a lot of the basics that I missed while doing Gnimmargorp. Now I can continue with the advanced stuff again. This project definitely changed my life because since I want to a computer programmer, this was a step in the right direction and it also taught me how the online websites can actually help instead of being a waste of time.

Self-Reflection January 24th

This week I believe that IĀ was Great, but, I could have done better because I left class early three times but this was due to me having to leave to go study for other classes which I had tests and projects due for.

This week I left Gnimmargorp for a bit to take a break and I went to Code Academy. I have been learning python and I believe that I have improved a lot. I have finished 19% of it which might not sound like a lot but is actually a lot.

My goal for last time was to have 2000 gold and 5000 experience but as I said I have been working on Code Academy and leaving class to study so my gold is now 850 and my experience is 3400. My goal for next class is not related to gold but is to have 30% on Code Academy.