Self-Reflection November 10th

I believe that this week i gave it my all because I would work a lot and work hard and whenever I ran into an obstacle I would try hard to do it again and again and again. Also I would always complete the master challenge instead of just sticking with what is just ok. I might have talked a bit during class but this talking was while working at the same time.

This week I started using the turtle in python. His name is Bob. The turtle is a very cool program because it allows you to draw things and actually transfer your code into actual drawings and shapes and illustrations. Which really gives worth to the work that I do and makes me really proud of it.


My goal from the last time was to have 500 gold and 2400 experience I have achieved and surpassed that. I currently have 761 gold and 3010 experience. For next week I want to have 1000 gold and 5000 experience. On top of that, I want to advance a lot in the village of Cigol hopefully maybe be past half of it. This will be my goal for next class.

Turtling in Circles

I am enjoying learning in this class a lot, I am learning a lot and am developing new learning methods and techniques. Some techniques include the obvious ones like coding and Gnimmargorp and textWrangler and all that are obviously techniques that I will note use in other classes. It is techniques like persevering and working hard until I figure out a solution are things that I would use in other classes like math for example. This is because the easiest way to learn in this class is to keep trying over and over and over again until I figure out the solution. I can use this in other classes to study for tests and to focus in class and figure out solutions. This is why I am really enjoying this class a lot.