Catching Fire

The three look command that I am most comfortable with are the hide/show, the change backdrop, and the change costume. I used all of them in my game that I just created. I did not use the change costume but I thought of it, I could use the change costume to make it so that the entire game uses on one sprite. That is how I can use these three commands.

Take a Walk

Here, I learnt how to use the change next costume and the repeat options. It was easy, what I did was that I took the Avery walking sprite and I put her on repeat 14 times. The repeat included move 30 steps and change next costume with a 0.5 second wait in between. That created something similar to what Mr. Miller had on Gnimmargorp.

Semi-Weekly Reflection Week of Sep. 30

This week I truly believed that I gave it my all while working on the website and on scratch. I did a lot of projects that I spent a lot of time on including my game that I just finished. I would work 95% of the class and chat with my friends for 5% of the class. That is why I gave it my all.

I learnt how to use the when clicked option in events. This helped me a lot in the game because it allowed to make my sprites clickable. This helped but was also challenging in the process. While creating the game, I ran into difficulties with broadcasting and timing when a sprite should show and when it should hide. I then passed those obstacles and was able to make the game very entertaining, especially for the kids in the factory. Go check it out:

My goal from last week was to have 250 gold and 1200 experience. I was not able to achieve that but I am extremely close. I currently have 199 gold and 956 experience. Instead of keeping my goal the same, I will make it a little bit more difficult by making my goal is to have 300 gold and 1500 experience. I truly believe that I can achieve that in two weeks time.

This week I did not use any external links or youtube videos, everything that I learnt was from my friends or from Mr. Miller (You). Thanks to both of them for helping me out.

Rainbow of Options

I am able to change my sprite up to 8 times with one block, I do this by changing the sprites color. It is really easy to reset the color of the sprite because if you use the change color effect by 25 block, eventually, the color will go back to the original yellow. There are two ways to change the color of the sprite, this is by either using the change color effect by 25 block or the set color effect block and make it also 25. These are the two ways to change the color.

Playing Games – The Factory

For later levels or challenges, it could be good to add extra levels in which the levels are harder because that provides a challenge for the person playing the game or completing the challenge. This whole extra level challenge idea is like the idea of having a master option for the challenges, it is optional, but it is good to give it a shot and try it out. To go and play my game, go to this link: 

Weekly Self Assessment of Sept 8

I truly believe that this week I gave a lot more effort than I gave last week. I think i gave it my all. I spent a lot of time and effort into creating my scratches. This is shown by my 2-4 minute video about the cat, the rabbit, and the monkey. The effort that I gave into that short movie is clearly shown when you watch it. To watch it, go to this link: I would highly suggest you watch it.

My goal for last week was to be able to use multiple characters and have more than 100 gold. I am happy to say that I achieved both these goals. I was able to use three characters this week which is an improvement for me. I also currently have 150 gold. For next week I hope to have at least 250 gold and to also have at least 1200 experience instead of the 751 that I have now.

I did use a video from youtube to help me. I used a video that explains how to add a video into scratch. The way I learnt it from that video is that you have to take your clip and turn it into a gif, then you can add it into scratch. To watch this video, go here:  This video was good but I would still give it a 2 out of 5 because I believe there is an easier way to add videos and better ways to add the videos with better quality.