Reflection for the week of August 21, 2016

This week I learnt a lot about Scratch and Grnimmargorp. I believe that I GAVE IT MY ALL. In any challenge which I could have completed a mastery, I did it.I learnt many new tools like the repeat function and the timing function. I learnt this through the website and I also learnt this through trial and error. I learnt the glide feature and also the go to a specific coordinate feature. Those two made things way easier. As well as that I learnt how to properly use two different sprites together and include them in a story line which makes sense. I learnt how to use words as dialogue as demonstrated in the cat and dog skit. Since this is the first post, I did not set a goal yet. My goal for next week will be to be able to use many multiple sprites not only one or two and be able to really advance throughout the came and come close to finishing it. I aim to have 100 gold instead of the 55 that I have now.   Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 1.06.46 PM

Taking Turns

I learned how to turn the cat and the dog around in 90 degrees multiple times repeatedly so that I do not have to keep adding the code so many times. I used the repeat function. I also learnt how to be able to control two sprites at once so that each one has their own code. To watch it, it is here:


This is the most effort I have done on a scratch. I used a lot of techniques and a lot of new techniques that I have never used before. I used the speak tool for the first time and found out how cool it is. I also used the timing method and found out that there are so many cool things I can do that I never knew about. That is why I am definitely going to be using both those features in my future work. I made an entire conversation between a cat and a dog who eventually end up being friends. I really enjoyed making it in the process.

The Spell Machine

Today I learnt how to use scratch. I always new how to play the game but I never really understood it, until today. I learnt how to make my “sprites” move in multiple directions and also how to turn them around. The things that was brand new that I learned today was the repeat command. It made the entire project much easier because I do not anymore have to do the commands repeatedly multiple times which is much easier.

Who Am I?

Who am I? Well for starter, I am Hesham Mohamed aka Cristiano Ronaldo aka The Future of Football. As you might have guessed, the thing I am most passionate about is football. My dream is to grow up and become a professional football player and if that doesn’t work out then computer programming will do just fine. I train weekly outside school to improve at my game but I just left my club so that I could join the school team. That is my goal for the future.

My goal for my near future is that I do well in High School so that I can be able to get into a good college and study computer programing in college. And this is why I am in this course. And finally, my goal for the even nearer future is that I do well in 9th grade and be able to pass with good grades.

Out of this course I hope to learn more about computer programming and get a better understanding. My idea so far is that computer programming is all about building websites but I am getting the feeling that there is more to it. I hope to learn as much as I can while also enjoying the course.


I learned how to make my character move a certain number of steps in a certain direction. Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 11.04.40 AMI like to learn in a trial and error type way. I just do the thing and if its wrong, I just try again.