I believe that throughout this year I have truly given it my all. This year I learned a lot about programming, things that I already know for a fact will help me in my life with my journey to becoming a computer programmer. I would not say that I am a master at python but I can figure stuff out. Now for me, looking at the code is not the most confusing thing in the world, I can actually understand what I am looking it. My level of programming has definitely gone up throughout this year.

What did I learn about myself? I learned that I am the type of person who does not give up. I try again and again until I finish the code and the code works. I learned that about myself. I also learned that I have my “days,” sometimes it all just clicks for me, and sometimes it just doesn’t. For example, the exam, the first day of the exam I was able to accomplish nothing, literally nothing, nothing clicked for me, but then while at home and during the final day, it all clicked and I felt like my fingers would just type by themselves, it was amazing. This year in computer science, it really opened my eyes on computer programming and also on myself, I really enjoyed this year, it was great.

Self Reflection 5/11

For the past two weeks in class, I have given it my all. I have been really putting in effort into recursion problems and in general problems in Coding Bat, I worked a lot on strings but mostly my effort was put into completing recursion problems. I am really trying to put in a lot of effort into studying all of this so that come to the semester exam, I can do really good and be able to master a lot of things on the exam and hopefully finish with an A+ in both the class and the semester exam.

My goal from last time was to have all of the String-1, String-2, and Logic-1 completed. I have sort of completed that but not exactly. I fully completed string-1 and string-2 but I did not complete logic-1 but that is because I moved on to recursion problems. I finished 4 out of the 9 recursion problems which are a lot since the recursion problems are really challenging.

Looking back at the year, I have really enjoyed computer science, it is definitely a fun class which you also learn in and I would recommend it to anyone. The most surprising thing that I learned about myself was that I am actually a stubborn person. I found out that whenever I would get a problem wrong, I could never just skip it without solving it, I have to solve it. That is the thing that I was surprised to discover about myself.

GOYO – Large Completion

For the past five classes, I have been working mostly on CodingBat. For the first two classes, I worked on Code Academy on Java and I went from 17% to 25%. For the other three classes, I worked on Coding Bat on Python because I am studying for the exam. I learned about what recursion is and how to do more complicated string problems. This project has helped me because it refreshed my memory of Python and has prepared me for the exams.  

Self Reflection for 4/26

For the past two weeks, I believe that I have given it my all. Even though we had fewer classes than normal due to all of the breaks that we have had in April. I have been working hard in Java and again, the seating arrangement change has helped me once again. I have learned a bit of Java but in the middle, I switched to working on Python in CodingBat so that I can relearn python and be ready for the exam.

My goal from last time was to have 7% in Java. I have successfully achieved this and am now 25% in Java!!! I could have been more if it wasn’t for me switching back to python on CodingBat. On CodingBat I have all of warm-up 1 and two stars of string-1 completed. I have 1 level but no stars of string-2 completed. My goal for next time is to have all of string-1 and string-2 fully completed. I also hope to have all of logic-1 completed. Those are my goals for the next self-reflection.

Self Reflection 4/6

I believe that for the past two weeks I have given it my all. I have been working in Code Academy and have been working hard to try and figure out the codes. I have officially finished python in Code Academy and got 100% on it!!!!! This does not mean that I am a python genius but it is a step in the right direction. I now am starting to work on HTML & CSS. It has been a very interesting thing so far because it is teaching me how easy it is to actually write the program for a website which is very fun and interesting.

My goal from last time was to master and get 100% on Python in Code Academy, I have successfully achieved that goal. On top of that, I have 7% in HTML & CSS but I am going to take a step away from that because I need to start working on JAVA for the semester exam as semester exams require a programming language, not a website language. So my goal is to at least have 7% in Java because from what I have heard, Java is a hard programming language.

I think that in class I am able to use my time pretty efficiently but sometimes I get caught in the trap of talking to my friend a lot. A lot of time though when I am talking, I am also working at the same time, but still if I do not talk, I would work more effectively. I believe that maybe at some points I could just tell my friend that sorry, but I need to work right now and he would be fine with that, I could use that technique a lot when I am in class.


GOYO – Large Completion

For the past five classes, I have been working on Code Academy. I wanted to do Code Academy because I have been doing it for the past couple GOYOs. I am going to keep going in Code Academy until I reach 100%. I learned a lot about programming but most of all I learned that coding is not as easy as it was in the beginning and that it is getting harder now. This project is going to affect my life because as I mentioned many times before, I want to become a computer programmer. Last time I did GOYO I was 71% and wanted to become 80%. I am currently 90%.

Self Reflection 3/23

I believe that for the past week I have given it my all. I kept on going in Code Academy and would at points just really concentrate on it and when I would not understand something I would look back at older lessons that I already did so that I could refresh my mind. I succeeded in the areas where we had to create lists because I find creating lists not that difficult but the areas that I had and still have a hard time in is creating classes. I still need to understand classes and master then perfectly before I can move on to other lessons.

My goal from the last reflection was to have 80% done on Code Academy by this lesson. I have succeeded in that goal. I currently have 90%. This might be a long shot, but my goal by next lesson is to have completed python on Code Academy. This then brings me to my next topic, where I want to be by the end of the semester. Since my goal is to finish python by the next self-reflection, I would like to hopefully start another programming language. That language is Java. Ever since I signed up for Introduction to Computer Science, I have wanted to learn Java, and now that I have the opportunity, I will jump right on to it and start Java in Code Academy as soon as I finish the python unit.


Self-Reflection 3/2

I believe that this week I gave it my all. This week I moved away from the people sitting near the door and moved to the couch so that I can focus more. This has worked because I noticed that my percentage in Code Academy has improved a lot. 

My goal from last week was to have 60% in Code Academy. I have achieved this goal and I now have 71%. That is a 24% improvement from last time when I hade 47%. My goal for next time is to have 80%. This will then further improve my ability in coding. Since the beginning of the year I already liked coding but now that the year has progressed, I am starting to like it even more and am starting to enjoy coding even more.