Storyteller (Tier 2) Mastery

I have learned quite a bit in this storyteller quest. The story I have created is about a dragon who is afraid of ghosts, and when he sees a ghost he runs away. When the ghost catches up with him, however, it turns out the ghost is a friendly ghost and they go explore the castle. When you create a story, you have to think about the direction you want it to head in. What turns will keep the reader on edge, so it’s not predictable? The skill that I had the hardest time with was the timing of the sprites. While one sprite is saying something, the other sprite has to wait, and when the sprite finishes, the other sprite has to start talking. The important part is to make sure there are no awkward pauses or overlaps in the dialouge. My aim is to continue developing this story so that my timing is absolutely flawless.

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