Mastery of Running Sideways

For running sideways I created a multiplayer plat former game that features fighting. It has two different backgrounds, and I know that you had to have five but I felt that if I added five it would be too cluttered. Besides, I already know how to do it. For now it is just the skeleton of the final project, but there is movement and a punch animation. I want to add health bars and different attack moves later in the process of this course.


I had trouble trying to find out how to make the sensing blocks work and movement is extremely glitchy, but it is progress from what I knew before this class. I hope to experiment more in scratch and maybe make a street fighter game by the end of this course, but that is a long ways from where I am today. I have to be solid on my movement, learn how to use loops and understand how variables can make my life easier.

About me

My name is Benjamin Korte and I am a sophomore at Cairo American College. I participate in cross country, wrestling, baseball, and student council. I was always adept when it came to computers and I have always wanted to learn how to code to create my own game. I was successful at this in the past using a form of Java script but it was extremely simple. I want to get into more depth during this course and be able to put down what I have in my mind into code. I enjoy running because the camaraderie of the team is always the best part of participating in the sport.